NAHA Board of Directors

Tony Guzzo
Board President, 2023-2025

Matt Parker
Vice President, 2023-2025

Amy McWilliams
Board Secretary, 2024-2026

Tory Tollefson
Travel Director, 2023-2025

Stephanie Jeffrey
Senior Open League Director, 2024-2026

Craig Bushey
Board Member, 2024-2026

Eddie Conlon
Board Member, 2024-2026


Jared Ross
Board Member, 2024-2026

Mike Brown
Board Member, 2023-2025

Forrest Merrill
Board Member, 2023-2025

Evan Semel
Board Member, 2023-2025

Paul Snell
Board Member, 2023-2025

Jeff Winchester
Board Member, 2024-2026

NAHA Board Meetings

The NAHA Board of Directors meet the second Wednesday of the month at 6pm at the Ice Sports Center Multipurpose Room. Meetings are open to the public and NAHA members and their guests are welcome to attend. To request to address the board, please email the Board President and request to be added to the agenda. For a copy of past minutes, please contact the board secretary. Minutes are made available upon request after they are approved by the board the following month. 

Contact Our Board

If you have any questions for our board, please let us know by submitting a form below.